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Customer Service

Telesales Partners provides full cycle product and customer support so that consumers make cost effective and correct use of products. Our customer services can include planning, purchase, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading and phasing out the product. We use automation that wraps around the caring attitude of our professionals. We can help plan automated support to make our services more cost effective and can develop knowledge base materials that will reduce or prepare customers to achieve better satisfaction from their purchase.

Technical Support

Telesales Partners realizes that the quality of IT outsourcing and technical support outsourcing is an integral part of the product evaluation for a consumer. We consider it a mission critical function and our own A+ BBB rating show how committed we are to our customers. We provide a range of services that support technology products such as blue tooth headsets, smart phones, picture frames, media players, software, VOIP phones and a wide variety of other technical products.

Live Chat Support

We deploy both our custom chat solutions and well-known industry help desks to support your product. You can choose whether the support is sales assistance or product assistance, in either case, we promise to exceed your expectations. We study quality one message response at a time not at a complete solution level. You can, therefore, avoid lack of responsiveness comments from your users.