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We employ the very highest calibre of telemarketing professional

We have specialists in five areas of telemarketing/telesales:

Outbound Business to Business
Outbound Business to Consumer
Inbound Call Handling
Inbound Customer Services
Multi-Lingual Services

We invest huge time and resource providing a world class telemarketing training programme for all staff in the five different areas of our business devised by the founder of the company.

Influenced by both traditional and modern sales and marketing techniques we believe we equip all of our team with every telemarketing tool available to exceed their sales targets.

We provide all of our employees with extremely good basic salaries combined with excellent bonus structures designed for maximum impact in even the toughest marketing environment.

We currently employ more than 600 people across four offices in Philippines and India.

One of our many proud achievements is that we have successfully telemarketed everything from bamboo coffins to undertakers to legal service for solicitors!

The average age of our staff is 32.

Average time served per person 3 years and 2 months.

In addition to recruiting the very best experienced telemarketing talent our unique and rigorous training programme allows us to nurture and develop talented individuals with little or no previous telemarketing experience.

We support all our staff with opportunities to attend apprenticeship training courses that allow each individual to personally develop and help them gain professional qualifications.

We are unique.

We deliberately choose an office environment that allows entrepreneurial flair to flourish.

Small team offices with choice of headsets, predictive diallers and other telemarketing enhancements.

Varied and exciting reward schemes.

Structured and regular staff entertainment

Our experience purchasing and selecting the right data for the relevant industry is second to none.

Geographical area, point of contact, size of company, industry type and where to source data are equally as critical as choosing the right telemarketing partner.